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Mexico can be a big city filled with fascinating attractions. Many tourists visit the city to explore its museums, gardens, markets, restaurants and clubs. This cultural center could be home to many theaters and cinema for lovers of music and dance. It is also renowned for its vibrant nightlife, with a good range of bars, clubs and music events.

Accommodation - In Mexico, the lowest value you will notice for hostels concerns 125 MXN per night for a bed in a dormitory. In large cities such as Mexico City and Cancun, expect to pay about 140-200 MXN. The private rooms in hostels start at about 400 MXN per night. Many hostels offer free LAN and breakfast connection. Regarding the budget hotels, expect to pay a minimum of 300 MXN to a central area in a 2 star hotel that sleeps 2. Airbnb is also a good alternative in Mexico, with shared rooms ranging from 225 MXN and entire houses ( including studios) from 640 MXN. In the larger resort towns ( Cancun , Playa del Carmen , Cozumel , Puerto Vallarta , etc.), accommodation prices will start around 600 MXN and go from there!

Food - Food in Mexico is super cheap. You’ll notice a lot of rice, beans, fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, corn, avocado and peppers in Mexican cuisine. Some typical Mexican dishes, tacos unit, mole (sauce bulky ingredients, many embraced chocolates), salsa, enchiladas, tamales (stuffed corn bags) and guacamole. By buying food from street or market stalls, you expect to pay about 245 MXN a day or less, with a budget less limiting to about 400 MXN if you decide to eat in the seated affordable restaurants. A jazz dish priced at McDonald’s around 75-85 MXN. A meal in a place nicer restaurant is about 300-600 MXN. You will get bad enough drink for a cost as low as 245 MXN. If you are preparing your meals, expect to pay MXN 500-595 per week for groceries that incorporate rice, vegetables, chicken, and other basic foods.

Transportation - Most of Mexico are transported by buses. On longer trips, make sure to require a specific bus (called « director ») if you want, because they are abundant faster and less stops. A bus from Puerto Vallarta to the city (5.5 hours) costs about 480 MXN. For very long trips, consider taking a budget airline. For example, a bus downtown to the Mexican capital (15 hours) prices around a, 450 MXN however, a flight starts around 720 MXN and takes only 4 hours. Regarding transport in cities, buses are famous in all cities, but few cities have metro systems (underground). The Taxi fares starting from 16 MXN in most cities. The Uber Service operates about 30 cities in Mexico.

Activities - Diving is the most advantageous event that you decide to do here, with day tours sometimes cost more than 2 400 MXN. The entry of many Mayan sites in the country is about 160 MXN.

Smoking -  By law, smoking is strictly not allowed in public places, but in public transport and private buildings. Given the increasing number of smokers in the Mexican capital, the law is more strict about smoking issues and even the smoking light drugs is completely prohibited. Therefore, it is best to ask the waiter before lighting a cigarette in a restaurant or club.

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